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The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008)

The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008) - Action Movies 150 minutes. Baader Meinhof Komplekset, The Baader Meinhof Complex, R.A.F. Facción del ejército rojo, 바더 마인호프, La bande à Baader, 巴德尔和迈因霍夫集团, Motståndets tid. 'Der Baader Meinhof Komplex' depicts the political turmoil in the period from 1967 to the bloody "Deutschen Herbst" in 1977. The movie approaches the events based on Stefan Aust's standard work on the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF). The story centers on the leadership of the self named anti-fascist resistance to state violence: Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin. ,